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Custom Order Policy For Silk Flags
ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  My Silk Flags, Banners, Long Silks and Billows are ALL made upon order. Each hand-dyed Silk Flag and Billow will be unique in their coloration and may be different in shading from the pictures on our site as each one is individually hand-dyed. There are variations in silk which can affect how the dye is absorbed which can cause areas that look like water spots or there can be back-staining on occasion which is when the dye transfers to an area on a flag it was not originally during the dye-setting process. Please keep this in mind when you are ordering and upon receipt of your Silk item. The variations and uniqueness does not in any way effect the way the flags fly.

All of our items are made to be a blessing to our customers as well as our Lord.  We want you to be happy with your order. We encourage good communication prior to your order to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our desire is to Equip you with a quality product to Honor and Worship the Lord our God!  In preparation to its service to the Lord, each item will be made with love, prayer, anointed with oil and sent out with a blessing.

If you should have any questions or concerns about the above listed policies, please do not hesitate to contact us

"Trust in the Lord with ALL you heart and lean not on you own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He will shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

"Custom Order" is defined as an order for an item that is NOT listed or pictured on our website.  


To put things in a clear perspective, "Custom Orders" take double the time to produce.  In the past I have also had to deal with occasional dissatisfied customers because upon receipt of their completed product they felt I did not put their exact vision on silk the way they were seeing it. To try to explain this further, A "Custom Order" is someone else's vision, and is not normally one that the Father has given to me. This also includes requests for me to copy someone else's work which is disrespectful to that artist and in some cases illegal for copyrighted items and not something I do here, so please do not request me to do so.  

It is hard to connect with someone's vision over an email or phone call, unless it is absolutely something that the Father wants to be done.  I will end up spending many hours going back and forth with a customer by emails and phone calls trying to get their vision in my mind, then on paper and then on the silk.  On several occasions this has greatly hindered the normal peace and Spirit-led flow that I cherish so much in my workshop.  When I first started making and selling the Instruments of Worship I was receiving more Custom Orders in than stock orders. I spent most of my time working on trying to figure out the custom orders and the designs the Father was giving me were ending up just sitting on the side for several years!  

I also, unfortunately began to run into the problem of customers contacting me for Custom Orders and then after weeks of me working with them to get it designed, making a template, getting it approved and then sending the invoice to them to start the processing; the customer would just disappear. They would not respond to emails, phone calls, reminder invoices, nothing. This was very disappointing to say the least. All the time that was spent was now wasted and I found myself with my standard orders behind in their processing and once again my designs were still sitting on the side. 

I began to realize that if I would continue to keep doing the "Custom Orders" I would never be able to get to the designs the Father was giving me. The bottom line here is that I want to keep the peace and Spirit-led flow in my workshop and to always walk in in the Father's Will for this Ministry.  

So, with much prayer I had to make the decision to NO LONGER ACCEPT OR MAKE  "Custom Orders" (Pictures/Visions) at this time.

I hope that you can understand where I stand in this.  As honesty and communication is so important in our ministry. When you browse my store on this website you will see that I have many items to choose from in my inventory base.  I have many more in the works as God has been giving me more designs. So if you don't see what you are looking for; please pray about it and check back later. If God wants me to be the one to design it, He will lead me to do so. He has done this with several designs in the past.  I have had a customer call to inquire about a design and I would have the design sitting in front of me beginning the template process! I would know then and there that the flag was being confirmed to be made. Amen!


The first exception to the policy would be requesting a color change on a stock Silk design. If you would like the lettering, border, etc. a different color than the one pictured let me know as that can be arranged if I have the requested colors available. This type of Custom request would be at no additional charge.

The second exception to the policy would be making a "Word Only" Silk Flag/Billow. I would work with you to figure out the lettering/font style, colors and placement on the Flag/Billow. In order to start the processing for the custom Flag/Billow; an estimate of the charges would be sent by email to the customer which would include a Custom Order Fee of $50 for the additional time to design and produce the template.  Once the price and work to be completed is agreed upon, an invoice will be sent and once the payment is received the processing will begin. A small sketch can also be sent and is welcomed to help with the confirmation of the creation. The Template and design of the new Flag/Billow would remain the property of Waves of Worship and can be used for future production if desired.