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Welcome to our Main Scheduling and Events page. 

If you would like to schedule us for a Flag Worship Workshop/Teaching, A Flag Worship Presentation or would like us to Enhance the Worship at your Service, Encounter weekend, Event or Conference, please contact us by our email wavesofworship@aol.com or by phone at 352-515-0123. 

The provisions required for our ministry are very simple and are based on an Expenses Paid (Travel/Transportation, Accommodations, Conference/Event Fees) and Love Offering basis.  A “Love Offering” is an offering that is given from the heart by the leading of the Father to someone that has ministered to that very heart as well as to the Father. It is given to bless the ministry in order for them to continue in their work for the Father. The additional requirement of having at least two six foot tables available for us to display our Ministry information and items we have available for sale is appreciated. ​ 

As each Venue is unique, each provision requirement is also unique. We always like to have direct correspondence with the Host of the event in order to make proper arrangements and then confirm all the arrangements in a professional manner in writing, by either email or hard copy whichever is preferred. 

For example: If a Venue is local, within an hour drive of our base location of Spring Hill Florida, and is a one day or one evening event, we would not require hotel accommodations, we would however still require our Conference/Event fees being paid, if applicable, the two tables available for our Ministry Sale items and information and a Love Offering to be used to support our Ministry. 

If we are driving to an event, over the half hour local limit the mileage reimbursement would be our round trip mileage calculated using the IRS Standard Mileage Rate which is 53.5 cents per mile for 2017. This amount would be required to be paid prior to the event by either check or we can send a PayPal invoice which ever is more convenient for our host. If we would need to be flown to an event, our flight fees and our baggage including our flags would need to be covered. Please feel free to contact us for further details and with any questions. Thank you.

The Father has blessed us with this ministry and we would like to be a blessing to Him and to those whom we minister to and with.  We look forward to Worshiping the Father together with you in Spirit and in Truth! 

Please click the appropriate year link below to see our confirmed and pending schedule of events for the year listed. 

Love and Prayers always,   Bobby and Julie