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Julie, Brandi and Shanel
Waves of Worship Flag team as of January, 13, 2008 - Julie, Brandi & Shanel
This is a picture of our Flag team as of  January 20, 2008 - Julie, Brandi & Shanel . This was the day Bobby came to Julie's Home Church and they met for the first time in person.  He took the group picture.  That was the day that our worship team sang "Moving Forward" for the first time.  Julie still had all of Laura's flags from their Christmas presentation, so Julie used the plain white flag for that song. It was awesome!  Bobby and Julie went out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes that day because Julie's church was doing a fast for the month of January.  After they ate Julie took Bobby to Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs and  they walked the beach hand in hand.  They both knew that day that God had put them together.
Shanel, Brandi and Julie
Our First picture together at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Spring, Floirida
On January 26, 2008 Waves of Worship was asked to do the Flag Worship for the Sarasota Worship Festival which featured Paul Wilbur one of my favorite recording artists!  The woman who was organizing the event was given a prophecy about it "Restoration will come through Waves of Worship"  When Julie called to register and told her the name of our ministy she was so overjoyed that she supplied our admissions as well as all of our team and worship team from our home church!  Glory to God!  It was the first "date" Julie took Bobby on.   

At this point in time Waves of Worship did not have any silk flags, Julie contacted her dear friend Laura, whom she had met back in October of 2006 and asked for her help.  She contacted her flag team and we all got together at the conference. What a blessing!  Bobby and Julie had their first dance together to "Dance with Me" as it was played by Paul Wilbur!  Then at the end of the conference, Laura blessed them with their very first silk flag - the plain white flag that was flown to Moving Forward the first day Bobby and Julie met!  Surrender, Victory, Purity, the Bride!  How God was that!  She planted a seed into our ministry!  It was an AWESOME weekend!  

A week later Bobby proposed and Julie accepted. A March 15, 2008 wedding was planned with "Moving Forward" as their song.
Our first dance together - Paul Wilbur was singin "Dance with Me"  It was beautiful!
February 23, 2008 we were blessed through the help of our dear friend Laura Ragano "Banners of Truth" flag ministry as she invited us to her home to teach us how to hand paint our first silk flag!  We chose the "Lamb of God" flag, of course one of her more difficult ones.  Hey, we figured if we did a hard one first, the rest would seem easy. This was truly a blessing to us and our ministry.  We thank you so much Laura!
While Julie was at Laura's house learning how to make the silk flag, there was a beautiful "Holy Spirit Fire" flag hanging in her flag room, she loved it.  Julie had a picture on the desktop of her computer with a woman holding one and that was her heart's desire.  Well, on March 6, 2008 a package came in the mail from Laura...It was the Holy Spirit Flag and a note that she was blessing Julie with it..."Merry Christmas" it said!  Julie broke down in tears of joy - Thank you Father and thank you Laura.  Julie's heart's desire was fulfilled!  
This was the picture that was on Julie's desktop since 2006 when God spoke to her about the flag ministry and moving to Florida.
This is the Holy Spirit Fire Flag that our dear friend Laura blessed Julie with!  It is our favorite Flag, next to our first one the pure white one!
April 6, 2008 Our First picture was taken as Ministry Leaders for Waves of Worship for our Home Church, Sonrise Worship Center's directory.  At this point Shanel moved on as her family moved to a new area and a new church and Brandi moved on to work with the Drama Ministry.
On March 9, 2008 Bobby Flagged for the first time at our church. It was to the song "Moving Forward".  Julie took these shots then went into the middle and flagged with the white silk flag.  The anointing was so heavy!  Thank you Lord!  Bobby flagged from this day forward!
Bobby and Julie Bennie  - Waves of Worship 4/6/08
March 23, 2008 - Resurrection Sunday at our Home Church - Sonrise Worship Center.  We worshipped to "Trading My Sorrows" and  presented the song "Worthy is the Lamb" and used our "Pull apart" cross for the first time.   It was wonderful!
Our Wedding day! March 15, 2008 at Fred Howard Park, the same place we first walked hand in hand together January 20, 2008.  God is so good!  It was a beautiful day!  We danced our first dance to "Moving Forward" and our friend Laura flew the white silk flag she blessed us with and several other dear friends that Julie had flagged with in the past flew flags around us as we danced.  It was absolutely heavenly!  Thank you father for more than we could ever ask for!  
April 20, 2008 Service at our Home Church.  Bobby is now totally "Hooked" to Flagging.  He Worships with our Flags every chance he gets!  Amen!
May 2, 2008 We decided to check out the "Lakeland Revival" in Lakeland Florida.  We enjoyed the freedom of Worshiping with our Flags outside and the Worship was awesome!  The revival, we were not so impressed with and didn't return.  It was an awesome experience seeing so many people Worshiping the Lord together, but the Spirit checked both Bobby and Julie, so they packed up the flags and ended out.  Bottom line - We don't chase after signs and wonders! Several weeks later the leading preacher, Todd Bently was found having an affair with another woman and for being a false prophet. 
August 10, 2008 - Our dear friends, Pastor Bruce & Kim Hale came to visit.  What a blessing as their Church was the first to buy our silk flags!  A big thank you goes out to them!  We had a wonderful time and was blessed to fly a flag that they had brought.  It was great having them stay with us!
In August we also started to prepare for our first Large Flag Presentation - "Extravagant Worship"  It was so exciting working on all the pieces for the project and watching as God orchestrated everything!  We received an "Ark of the Covenant from our dear friend Susan to use, Bobby builit an "Altar of Incense" Which turned out beautifully! Julie made "Prayer Shawls" , her first gold Ephod and large Gold Wing Flags for the dance portion. We borrowed the "Throne Room" billow from our friend Laura and we contacted our friend Gene Dolash to come and play the part of the High Priest as that is what he does for a living at the Holyland Experience in Orlando, Floirda.  All the Glory to Him!
This is the borrowed Ark of the Covenant from our dear friend Susan.  What a blessing!
Bobby made this beautiful "Altar of Incense"  We also ordered real Frankincense and Myrhh, it came in rock form which we had to grind.  It was awesome!
These are the Prayer shawls
Gold Ephold and Large Gold Wing Flags
Throne Room billow borrowed from our friend Laura - Thank you Laura!
On September 27, 2008 we had our final rehearsal and then On September 28, 2008 Waves of Worship with God's guidance presented "Extravagant Worship"  We, with the help of many of our church family and our dear friend Gene Dolash as the High Priest presented two songs by Paul Wilbur - "Holy, Holy Holy" and "Worthy"  It was beautiful!  God was Glorified and many were touched and felt His presence!  After the presentation, Gene did a teaching on the Tabernacle.  What an awesome service!
Bobby and Gene putting the Menorah in place.  Gene brought the Menorah he received from the Holyland Experience when they replaced it with a new one.  This Menorah was used in the Wilderness Tabernacle at the Holyland Experience in Orlando and is in their videos.  What a Blessing!
Our Pastor goofing off
Julie and Bobby getting ready for a run through
Julie and the Large Gold Wing Flags
Julie with the Large Gold Wing Flags
The Throne Room billow - Beautiful!
This was so awesome watching it fall into place!
This is the morning of the Presentation
everything was beautiful!
Flags set up in the beautiful stand that our friend Steve made for us
Julie ws double blessed - Her Father was visiting from Maryland and brought her Grandmother who lived in Sarasota to see the presentation!  God is so Awesome!
Gene began with the sounding of the Shofars
The atmosphere was set - the presence of the Lord was in the place!
Julie started with the Large Gold Wing Flags as the music started and the processional came slowly down the aisle - It was beautiful!
Bobby Flagging with the White "Holy" Wing flags
It was so Awesome worshipping the Lord!
Everything went just as the Lord put it into place
Julie just before "Worthy" started
Bringing out the "Altar of Incense" with Gene our "High Priest" following it
The Anointing in the place was so heavy!
Burning the Incense
Glory to God!
Intense Worship!
Then the White long silk Billows came down the aisles - WOW!
There are no words!
Dancing with the "Prayer Shawls" and Bobby with Gold Wing Flags
Long silk Billows
Gene Dolash - As the "High Priest"
After the presentation, Gene did a teaching on the Tabernacle.  What an Awesome Service!
Gene taught about the sounding of the Shofar
Gene sounding the Shofar
The priestly garments
How Awesome - that is the Menorah that is standing on our platform!
Julie and Gene
Julie's 90 year old Grandmother, Gene and her dad
Gene and Bobby
Susan and Gene - Susan loaned us her "Ark of the Covenant" which her husband made
Now in October we were blessed with our Official Waves of Worship Logo!  It started as a picture Julie drew while sitting on the beach at Fred Howard Park in 2007 when she was unemployed as she had just arrived in Florida, trusting God for better days ahead she recieved the name of the ministry - "Waves of Worship"  A Christian woman who was a Graphic Artist worked with Bobby at this time.  She took Julie's sketch and put our Logo together - We were blown away when we saw it!  God is so Awesome!  We keep finding ourselves saying WOW!  Yes, I believe our name is perfect - Waves of Worship = WOW! Praise God!
Julie's sketch of what she saw as our Logo.
The first draft - We were so excited seeing it coming together!
Yes, we were thinking WOW!
Our Final Logo!  Praise God!
The following weekend, October 5, 2008 we had a powerful Holy Spirit Service at our home church!  The Lord's presence was in the place!  Amen!
Our Pastor dancing under the Billows
Everyone started walking under the Billows
What a blessing!
It was awesome to see the men in our congregation come up and start billowing!
Praise God!
Praise God!
October 19, 2008 Promises of Victory Service!  God just keeps showing us His love and Glory!  We lift our flags in Praise to Him!
Bboby and Julie Flagging
Julie with Purple Wing Flags
Julie with our "Shattered Glass" Wing Flags
Julie with our "Shattered Glass" Wing Flags
Julie with our "Shattered Glass" Wing Flags
These Flags are so beautiful when they fly!
Bobby with our 'Shattered Glass" Wing Flags
Bobby with out "Presence" Wing Flags
Bobby flying our "Fire" Wing Flags
Julie flying our Holy Spirit Fire Flag - A gift from our friend Laura
Bobby flying our white silk "Surrender/Victory/Holiness"  Silk Flag - Another gift from our friend Laura - One of our favorite Flags!
Bobby flying our silk flag around the Sanctuary
Bobby flying our red "Love/Blood/Warfare" Wing Flags
Julie flying our red "Love/Blood/Warfare" Wing Flags
November 8, 2008 -  We were invited to Enhance the Worship at an Encounter Weekend with our friends from Holy Fire.  It was an awesome time of Worship!  The men were touched and started to come up and Worship with the Flags! We had a wonderful time!  This is what our ministry is about - Enhancing Worship, letting God use us to Glorify Him!  Julie received another word that our ministy would become a Full Time Ministy.  We receive that!  It is our hearts' desire to plant Flag Ministries, Teach and Enhance Worship everywhere we go and everywhere we are invited!  Praise, Glory and Honor to God Always!
The beginning of the Worship
Our "Water/Grace" Wing Flags
Bobby enjoying the Worship
Jadeyn joining in with a streamer
One of our Favorite pictures!  Awesome as we see right through the Gold Wing Flags - Translucent!
Jadeyn flying our Green "healing/New Beginnings" Wing Flags
Mike Worshipping!
John stepped up and started to Flag
Pastor Ron Burkentine
Seeking an Encounter with God!
One of our Favorite pictures!  Our Flag Arsenal - Wow!  Look what the Lord has done!
Pastor Linda Burkentine
Some of our Silk Flags
Restoration!  Mother and Daughter
The women's session - Praying for one another
Setting the Atmosphere for the evening Worship
Kasey stepped up to fly the "Presence" Wing Flags
Bobby flying our Pink "Right Relationship with God"  "Shattered Glass"  Wing Flags
Bobby's favorite shot - He is flying the Pink "Right Relationship with God" "Shattered Glass" Wing Flags
Eric Flying the "Holy Spirit Fire" Silk Flag
The guys took over!  :)
Steve and his tambourine
The guys continued to flag throughout the night!  It was awesome.  We got the long silk billows out later and were going over the people sitting down the next thing we new people were coming up under the billows and going down in the Spirit!  Wow!  God is Awesome!
After Worship & the Word we went out and had a Bonfire
Fellowship with Great Friends!
We got back from the Encounter and Bobby completed our Frame to stretch out and dye the Silk Flags!  Praise God!  We were now ready to start making Silk Flags!
one end of our Flag Frame
An end and a middle piece
Our completed Flag Frame with silk ready to go
Our completed Flag Frame with silk ready to go
In November of 2008 we were lead to the Coffee Spot House of Praise located two miles from our house.  God connected us with some new ministries, our dear Hebrew Roots Family and Suzi Herman of Creations Anew Flags.  Our Hebrews Roots Family would in turn change our lives for the better in the years to come!
We met Gethsemane - Lead by Phil & Karen Conrad - This started our Hebrew Roots Journey!
Bobby flying one of Suzi Herman's Flags (Creations Anew Flags)  Another Kingdom Connection - Thank you Lord!
Bobby flying Suzi's silk flags
On December 4, 2008 we went to Calvary Chapel Worship Center for an Andy Chrisman concert and met up with Suzi Herman again.  What a blessing to be connected with someone of a like mind in the Flag ministry!  
Andy Chrisman (4Him) and Julie
Suzi's Flags at Calvary Chapel
Suzi and Julie
"But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him."  John 4:23