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As a new year began we anticipated an awesome move of God in our ministry.  We prayed that God would use us to further His kingdom and on it went.  We worked on a Drama/dance/flag presentation with our Church's Drama/Dance team "Passion for Christ"  On January 25, 2009 we presented "Dry Bones" depicting "Can these Bones live?" from Ezekiel 37.  Julie represented the Holy Spirit.  Bobby was the camera man that day.  We were also blessed by a visit from Julie's dad.  It was a wonderful service!  Flags flew all over during the free Worship at the end!  Praise and Glory to the Lord!
Julie's dad, Al flying our Red Wing Flags
Julie's Dad & Bobby holding 2 of our newest additions to our Flag Inventory - Hallelujah and Freedom!
On April 12, 2009 Resurrection Sunday, we presented "Jesus Messiah" by Chris Tomlin.  We used many newly made silk flags that day and our newly designed pull-apart cross.  It was an awesome presentation fully Holy Spirit lead with only two run through practices that morning.
During the time of making flags and getting ready for our Jesus Messiah presentation we were also working with our Hebrew Roots Family getting ready for presentations in their Annual Passover Celebration on April 18, 2009 at Living Word Church in New Port Richey, Florida.  This too came as answered prayer as in 2007 Julie came to this very Celebration not knowing the dear friends God was going to connect her with in the future as she took pictures of the celebration and dreamed of one day participating in an event like it.  Our God is an Awesome God!  Julie arranged for her friend Gene Dolash to come to the celebration and portray the High Priest.  It was an awesome evening of Worship to the Lord!  Bobby and I thought we were there to help with the flag Worship and to our surprise that day we were advised that we were actually leading the flag Worship!  Thank you Lord for leading us as we went home during lunch break and typed up the songs, flags and colors the Lord lead us to use.  Glory to God!  At this event we were introduced to Steve and Tawnie Manning the Regional Coordinatiors from the MIA.  We exchanged business cards.  Thank you Lord for another Kingdom Connection.  We also met Jordan Wyns, an awesome Christian Recording Artist.  We became fans of his music instantly, which in the coming year we would use his music for our Demo music.  One of his songs being "You are Good"  Yes, Lord you are so Good!  Thank you for all that you have done, are doing and are going to do through Waves of Worship!  Amen!  Enjoy the pictures from the PASSOVER CELEBRATION!
Our Flags set upOur Wing
Our Wing Flags - Look what the Lord has done!T
Beautiful Banner!
The Menorah that Gene brought for us to use - It was used in the Wilderness Tabernacle at the Holy land Experience in Orlando
Living Word Church in New Port Richey, Florida
Bobby & our Green "Healing/NBew Beginnings" Wing Flags
Phil & Karen Conrad - Opening announcements and prayers
Sounding of the Shofar
Our friend Suzi Hermanfrom Creations Anew Flags leading the children in Flag Worship
Daughters of Zion dance team - Beautiful!
The Revelation Song
Revelation Song Gold Wing Flags
Sign Language by Chloe - Beautiful!
The ending to the Revelation Song
The "Water" billows
The "Water" billows
The parting of the Red Sea
The Tribes carrying their Standards
Let God Arise / Roni Roni!
The Last Supper
Beautiful Billows
Jordan Wyns sings his song "You are Good"
Billowing to You are Good - This was awesome!
My Redeemer Lives
Flagging with the Children's drum class
Healing Rain
Healing Rain
Our 9ft square "I AM" billow
Healing Rain
Gene at the Altar of Incense
Bobby flying two 7ft "Jesus" Flags
Our friend Linda flagging with our wing flags - Deep into worship!
Creator of the Universe - The Bride of Christ
Bobby & Julie after three hours of Flagging! :)
Julie, Gene & Bobby
Julie, Phil, Gene, Karen & Bobby
Jordan Wyns and Julie
Steve & Tawnie Manning
On June 5, 2009 we joined our Hebrew Roots Family, for a Healing Service at the Flowing River Church in Clearwater for an awesome evening of Praise and Worship.  We didn't get many flag pictures as we were so involved with the worship.
Prayer prior to the Service
Awesome time of Worship
Julie & her son Josh
Daughters of Zion dance team
Karen & Phil Conrad
Bobby flagging
Suzi Flagging
Karen Flagging
Julie & Bobby
On July 26, 2009 we joined our Hebrew Roots Family for a Worship Service at Valley of Blessings Church in Port Richey, Florida.  It was a very interesting service - we had fun with the Lord!
Phil with our 'Holy Spirit Fire" Flag
Bobby with our "Jesus" Flag
Worshipping Flags everywhere!  Praise God!
Linda sounding the Shofar
a future flagger! :)
Having a Great time
Michelle, Karen & Phil leading worship
On June 27, 2009 Steve and Tawnie Manning, whom we had met at the Passover Celebration in April came to our home for us to teach them how to make silk flags.  We went over all the basics that day and then met again on July 25, 2009 at their home to complete their first Silk flag!  Thank you Lord for Kingdom Connections!  What a blessing to watch this beautiful flag come together before our eyes!  God is Awesome!
Tawnie working on the outlining on her first silk flag
Julie outlining
Bobby working on the dyes
Still outlining
Tawnie & Bobby working on the dye process
Steve supervising LOL :)
Yeshua the Living Word!
Yeshua the Living Word
On July 5, 2009 we were blessed to go back to Bobby's original Home Church, Seabreeze Community Church which was now in a new building and celebrating their 4 year Anniversary.  It was wonderful worshipping with them and such a joy to be welcomed like family!
Pastor Donnie
Praying over memebers told they have cancer.  We pray healing in Jesus' name!
Bobby & Pastor Donnie
On August 29, 2009 we were blessed to attend another Paul Wilbur concert.  We went to Bell Shoalls Baptist in Brandon, meeting up with our friends Steve & Tawnie  again.  It was a great time of Worship to the Lord!  We hung out at their house after the concert and met some more great people and were invited to do Flag Worshiip at the MIA Conference in September.  God is Awesome!  It was a wonderful day!
Julie and BobbyBobbyy
Bobby ready to Worship
Set up and ready to Worship
Steve & Tawnie
Paul Wilbur - One of our favorite Messianic Recording Artists!
Don Heist - Shofar Master!  This man of God can sound the Shofar like you wouldn't believe!  What a blessing!
Greg Schumake - What an awesome piano player and man of God!
Our friend JoAnn flying our FREEDOM flag
Hebrew dancing - Beautiful!
Paul Wilbut
Paul & Greg
Bobby flying our "I AM" flag
Bobby - Waves of Worship and Tom - Wings of Praise flying flags together
Packed house! :)  Promoting "Bless Israel"
Bobby flagging
Many were flying our flags
This gentleman, John we would meet later on that day at Steve & Tawnie's house.  We met him again at the MIA conference in September
That's our "Bless Israel" flag
Our "Bless Israel" flag
On August 30, 2009, the following week we were blessed to Worship with Paul Wilbur again!  This time at Suncoast Catherdral in St. Petersberg.  We had a great time!  This church was more open to the flags, as they had them also Praise God!  We were able to use our "I AM" billow right up on the floor in front of Paul.  Teresa and Terri Billowed with us.  The anointing was so heavy I was hardly able to stand from shaking!  Wish I could have had some pictures of that!
Beautiful Church
Bobby flying our Purple Wing Flags  They started with free Worship!  It was great!
Bobby flagging with our Messiah Silk Flag
Our friend Pastor Linda Flagging with our Pink Pearl Wing Flags
Beautiful Presentation!
Don sounding the Shofar! Beautiful!
Paul and Greg
Bobby flying the 'I AM" flag
Our dear 'Holy Fire" Family  Terri, Jeff, Pastor Ron, Eric and Robin.  Love you all!
Terri, Julie, Paul and Linda - Paul and the New Port Richey girls! :)
We met Don Heist at the Bell Shoals concert and were able to speak with him again at this one, got a picture this time. What an awesome man of God!  This stirred Bobby about getting a Shofar...God's timing is perfect!  We became friends on Facebook :)
Terri, Greg and Linda.  What a blessing this man is.  His God given gift to play the piano is awesome!  Thanks Greg for being so nice and hangin with us!  We also became friends on Facebook! :)
Greg prayed for our friend Teresa, she was so blessed and so were we!
It was great chatting with Greg
Love the Banner behind us! Yes Lord let your Glory Fly!
On the weekend of September 4, 2009 we attended the MIA Conference that was held in Orlando, Florida.  The first night of Worship was truly Awesome!  We were loving every minute!  This was a huge conference, so many Kingdom Connections, we were so excited and so blessed to be used by the Lord to minister with our Flags!  So many people kept coming up to us asking about our silk flags and wanting our business cards.  It was overwhelming.  We met Paul Nison , his beautiful wife Andrea and adorable baby daughter Noa there.  Paul taught a class called "Health According to the Scriptures"  It was awesome and we loved how he broke things up with humor.  We connected with him, exchanged information that I would pass on to my Pastor and everyone else I knew.  Great teaching!  The next day we participated in a presentaton, it was wonderful, we had a great time. The atmosphere that night and into Sunday turned so unexpectedly that we found ourselves in deep prayer.  It would change us, equip us and prepare us.  Well, we prayed for the Lord to equip and teach us, He sure did!  Thank you Lord for giving us your peace and joy through it all!  We took many wonderful videos, but permission to post them was denied.
Our Flags set up and ready to Worship
The flag corner!
Bobby and Julie - Waves of Worship Flag Ministry
Yes, that's our "Bless Israel" silk flag!  Praise God!
The conference room begins to fill up for worship!
Tawnie, Julie and Bobby
Steve Manning leading the Worship for the beginning of the Shabbat.  Awesome Worship!Ste
Steve & Bobby
Bobby holding Tawnie's beautiful "Nations" flag!  Awesome job Tawnie!
Tawnie holding her "Nations" flag.  Beautiful!
Paul Nison - Health According to the Scriptures
Paul Nison and his adorable daughter Noa  - We attended his class - Health According to the Scriptures.
Bobby enjoying the Worship
The presentation we participated in - Very nice!
What an Awessome time of Worship to the Lord!
Tawnie flying our Holy Spirit Fire Flag
Bobby flying our "I AM" flag
Our "Bless Israel" flag
Lenny & Varda leading Worship.  Awesome Worship!
Bobby & Steve watching Tawnie's "Yeshua" flag flying.
Someone from one of the dance teams flying our rainbow Wing flags
A new friend of ours, John.  What an anointed Shofar player.  Praise God!
Paul Nison and his daughter Noa flying our "Freedom" flag. Bobby in the back flying our "Bless Israel" flag
Bobby flying our "Bless Israel" flag
Andrea, Paul & Noa Nison.
Project Restoration's presentation was Awesome!  They used our "Bless Israel" flag for their ending you can watch the video on our youtube.
A future flagger for the Lord! So precious!
Bobby flying our "Freedom" & "Glory" flags
Another precious child of God!
Bobby's Blessing!  A Shofar!  An early Birthday present :)  Thank you Lord!
On October 3, 2009 we were asked to participate along with our Hebrew Roots Family in the Feast of Tabernacles Celebration at Beit Tehila located in Brandon Florida, another awesome Kingdom Connection!  Thank you Lord for another wonderful Family of God to Worship you with!  More information on Beith Tehila can be found at . We had a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord!   We have the video of our "Revelation Song" presentation, check it out in our 2009 video section. 
Julie during practice
Bobby and Julie Bennie - Waves of Worship Flag Ministry
Karen and Phil Conrad leading Worship
Linda, Suzi and Julie prior to our presentation of "The Revelation Song" by Kari Jobe
A beautiful dance by Beit Tehila's dance team.
The Blessing over the Children.  I Love this!
Another awesome presentation
A presentation by the Children.  Great job by some on fire Children of God!
Another presentation - What a blessing!
The following week, October 10, 2009 we were asked to participate in Beit Tehila's "The 8th Great Day" celebration, the closing of the Feast of Tabernacles.  We were asked to participate in a teaching on Jewish Marriage traditions as they reflect our Messiah's coming for His bride, the church.  It was a beautiful ceremony as we renewed our wedding vows.  What a blessing!  Thank you Beit Tehila.
Our Katubah
Bobby waiting for his Bride Julie
Dancing for the Lord!
Karen & Phil Conrad leading Worship
Julie in Deep Worship
Having a great time dancing for the Lord!
A beautiful presentation to "Let it Rain"
'Let it Rain"
"Let it Rain"
Pastor Nick Plummer of Beit Tehila in Brandon Florida  Awesome Messianic Congregation!
The evening of October 10, 2009 we ended up Worshipping with our dear Holy Fire Family at their new Church location at Trinity Community Church.  It was wonderful  to Worship with our old friends again as they celebrated Pastor Appreciation day.  Thank you Lord
Bobby sounding the Shofar
Julie and Bobby just before Worship
Bobby Flagging to Healing Rain
Bobby flagging to Healing Rain
Pastor Linda Burkentine preaching
Terri and Teresa singing a song of appreciation for their Pastors
Pastors Ron & Linda Burkentine - Holy Fire Ministries International
Terri and Pastor Ron
Listening to a good Word from the Lord
Terri & Teresa singing
On October 31, 2009 we were invited to Beit Tehilla for a "Night of Praise".  This was an awesome time of Prayer and Worship as we came against the terrible darkness and evil that was taking place in the world that evening.  We lifted up our families and friends who were still celebrating this Pagan "Holiday" of Halloween, praying that their eyes would be opened to it's evil.  Lord we pray that Christians will take a stand and NOT celebrate this Pagan "Holiday" any longer.
Sounding the Shofars
Havdalah Service
Bobby flying our fire flags
Tom Bush sounding the Shofar (A kingdom connection would come in 2010)
Pastor Tikvah flying the Yeshua silk flag
It's always great to see the children flying the flags in Worship!
Bobby sounding the Shofar
Blessing  over the men
What a blessing!
Gail Bush (A Kingdom connection would come in 2010)
Sounding the Shofars
On December 20, 2009 we celebrated Christmas with our home church with two  presentations. Oh Holy Night and Worthy is the Lamb.  Working with our Dance/Drama Ministry, Passion for Christ.  It was beautiful!
Bobby sounding the Shofar
Beautiful Worship!
Woshipping the Lord in the dance
Absolutely precious!
Worshipping the Lord in the dance
On December 19, 2009 we celebrated Hanukkah with our Beit Tehila Family.  What a wonderful time. Thank you Lord for opening our eyes to more of you!  We didn't participate as Waves of Worship, but thought we would share this awesome time of learning more about our Hebrew Roots.
"But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him."  John 4:23