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Look what the Lord is doing! 
All Glory Honor and Praise to HIM!
4/13/12 - 4/15/12 PASSOVER CELEBRATION

Praise the Lord!!! What an awesome time we had this past weekend Worshiping the Lord!!!

Here are some pictures from our Annual Passover Celebration. There are pictures from the lens of Julie's camera, which was set up in the back of the Sanctuary. She captured as many pictures as she could as she zoomed by directing and organizing the Flag Worship from the back. There are pictures from dear friends, Caroline and Gail and pictures from a new Kingdom Connection, Jennifer. There will be more pictures coming as we also had a friend, Gina taking pictures as well. We look forward to seeing the beautiful pictures that were captured! Hope you Enjoy them and are as blessed as we were!  
Passover Celebration Dress Rehearsal 4/13/12 (Taken by Julie)  
Passover Celebration 2012 Day 1 Album 1 4/14/12  (Taken by Julie) 
Passover Celebration 2012 Day 2 Album 2  4/15/12 (Taken by Julie)
Passover Celebration 2012 Part I 4/14/12  (Taken by Caroline & Gail)
Passover Celebration 2012 Part II 4/15/12  (Taken by Caroline & Gail)
Passover Celebration 2012 4/14/12 (Taken by Jennifer Angelini)
Passover Celebration 2012 4/15/12 (Taken by Jennifer Angelini)

A big Thank you to our Lord for directing this event, we couldn't have done it without HIM! To all of those who participated and gave of their time and talents...From, planning, to sewing, to practicing, to loading and unloading, to dancing, to moving tables, to setting up and monitoring the sound, to playing instruments and singing, to taking pictures, to flagging and everything in between THANK YOU!!!! There was such a Spirit of love and unity this weekend, young and old and in between all working together as one to glorify our Lord! HOW BEAUTIFUL! The peace and presence of the Lord was in the Sanctuary! God Bless you all!

1/22/12 Another wonderful time of Worship!

We had the wonderful opportunity to Worship the Lord with CFF(Christian Family Fellowship), Hope International and Grace Bible - What a wonderful time of unity in the Lord! What a blessing!​
9/30 - 10/1/12 Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot 2012

Really don't have good enough words to describe the wonderful time we are having at Sukkot 2012 "In the Cleft of the Rock" being held at Christian Retreat in Bradenton, Florida. We are enjoying the worship, the rest, the presence of the Lord, spending time with old friends and meeting many new ones. Oh how we love the Kingdom Connections! Thank you Father! Thank you Steve Berkowitz for inviting us to participate. It has been a blessing and it keeps getting better. :)

1/27/12 Night of Worship at CFF in Bradenton

What a wonderful time of Worship! If you would like to enjoy an evening of sweet Worship & Prayer to the Lord come join this awesome church in Bradenton, Florida every 4th Friday of the month at 7pm! What a blessing! Come and be a blessing to the Lord and be blessed!

2/24/12 Worship with Paul Wilbur & Greg Shumake

We had a wonderful time of worship with Paul Wilbur and Greg Shumake at Shoresh David in Wesley Chapel. What a blessing! Appreciated the word from God from Greg to our dear friend Karen. Wow! We also celebrated our dear Flagging buddy Tom's birthday hanging out at Applebee's after the concert! What a great time with Family. We are so blessed!
3/30/12 MOVING FORWARD PHASE II - Practice

These pictures are from Friday 3/30/12 - the day we arrived in Newnan, Georgia. We prepared the atmosphere for the Lord to fill the temple Amen! I am in awe at what the Lord has done with and through our ministry. We look forward to more assignments for the Lord!

What a blessing! A wonderful time of Worship was had by all! A big Shout out to Adrian who took pictures for us again. Thank you, what a great job!
4/4/12 Worship with Paul Wilbur & Greg Shumake

We had a wonderful time at Christian Retreat for their Passover Celebration. Paul Wilbur and Greg Shumake led worship and Paul gave a timely word. We were sad that we once again didn't get to talk with Paul, it's been years since he has stuck around we sure do miss that time of fellowship after a concert, we miss you Paul! It was a pleasure and a blessing to talk with our dear friend Greg Shumake, he is such a blessing! Lord pour out abundant blessings and favor upon this man and his family, provision, protection and peace! We love you Greg! We also ran into our friends Gina, Sandy, Barbara, Caryn and several new friends, one of which contacted us on FB. We missed our dear friends Tom, Gail, and Lori and Gloria. Thank you Lord for the encouragement, confirmation and Your anointing that moved through us to touch Your people. We were blessed!
4/20-22/2012 Invasion 003 (Worship Enhancement)

We had an awesome weekend of Worship at the INVASION 003 Conference in Miami Gardens, Florida. The Lord and Our dear friends Israel & Lilly blessed us incredibly! Enjoy the pictures, we enjoyed making the memories and all the new friends in Christ!
4/28/12 Celebrate Israel 2012 Fund Raiser

We had a wonderful time at Celebrate Israel. We ran into many old friends and also some God appointed new friends! God is so good! Amen!
5/25/12 Night of Worship at CFF

Wow! What an awesome night of Worship with our CFF family! Thank you all for always welcoming us with such love and freedom to worship in Spirit and in Truth! We are always so blessed! Looking forward to our next visit. :) Many blessings!
6/8/12 24hr Prayer & Worship at Legacy Church 

We attended 6hrs of the 24hrs of Prayer and Worship at Legacy Church in Tampa  Wow! What an awesome time of Worship! We were also blessed to have several of our friends attend with us. It was a great night we left at 2am :)
6/16/12 Rick Pino at Legacy Church in Tampa

We went to Legacy Church in Tampa and Rick Pino was there to lead the worship. The beginning worship was pretty wild. It was good, would have liked to gotten into the deeper worship more than the jumping up and down so much. After the Evangelist preached for almost an hour, Rick only played two more songs and the second one was an instrumental Journey song. In his first set he played Smoke on the Water. Kind of different. To be honest, I'm not much on doing worship to secular songs even if it is just instrumental, as unfortunately it will take you back to the time when you were listening to those songs, not a good thing sometimes. Sorry, you just can't mix the Holy with the Profane, you have to be careful. Not saying there is anything profane about Journey as I loved listening to them back in the day. Problem is when they played just the instrumental to that tonight, I wasn't thinking worship, I immediately went to Journey, realized it and then went into intercessory prayer for those who were there who might have been transported to older days with that music too. As we spoke on the way home, Bobby was praying as well. All in all it was a decent night of worship and it was wonderful to worship with our flagging buddies Tom & Gail, our friends Bruce & Kim, Lynn & Keith, Sissy and Gina & Christiana. Just wish it would have been more Rick Pino whom we drove an hour to worship with. Boy that man can play the Harmonica! Awesome! There was also a man there that they met on the street in Ybor city that day and he rededicated his life to Christ showed up at this Worship and blew everyone away with his mad Sax skills! Wow! Glory to God!


6/22/12 Another wonderful Night of Worship at CFF

We love going to CFF's Prayer & Worship Gatherings - such a wonderful time with the Lord and like-minded Worshipers! Ahhhh so refreshing!

What a wonderful time we had at the "God Revealed" Conference in Fort Myers, Florida. A friend that attended our Flag Teaching workshop two years ago hosted this conference. It was a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord! Many blessings!

We were invited to participate in THE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE event in Newnan, Georgia. It was a wonderful time of Worship with new friends in Christ and special guest singer Vicki Yohe. Thank you Lord for the blessing!

7/29/12 Body of Christ Refuge Church - Toledo, Ohio

It was such a blessing to attend Refuge Church again. I felt so loved and welcomed there! We had some serious church, I broke out the I AM billow and the Glory of God fell on the place! It was incredible! We had a Holy Ghost Party! Amen! The Bishop and Pastor never got to preach, they let the Lord have His way in His timing and it was Awesome! Oh how I appreciate a church with Freedom that Worships in Spirit and in Truth! Bless them Lord!
7/22/12 Worship & Ministering in Michigan & Ohio 

During Julie's trip to Toledo, Ohio to meet her first Grandchild, sheI was blessed to be able to minister as Waves of Worship! It was different being on her own without Bobby but God used her just the same. Thank you Father, We live to Worship You!

8/3/12 Word of Faith Ministries Tent Crusade

Julie ministered with her friends Joe and Carla Shubeck, Heavenly Garments Unlimited at the Word of Faith Ministries 5th Annual Tent Crusade. It was seriously hot! 95 degrees and some serious sun! Julie got burnt flagging! :)
9/17/12 Yom Teruah/Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hoshanah Celebrations

What an awesome time of celebrating and worshiping we had for Yom Teruah! Thank you Father for guiding us to where we needed to be! We pray we put a smile on YOUR face! :) OH HOW WE LOVE YOU FATHER! We started our day on Monday at Shoresh David of Tampa, our dear friend Carlos Perdomo lead the Worship and it was beautiful! Then we headed to Ruach Ministries in Brandon and enjoyed an awesome time of Freedom in Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth and more anointed Worship with Carlos! We had a wonderful time fellowship after service. It was such a blessing to be welcomed so warmly thank you Ruach Ministries! If anyone is in the Brandon, Florida area looking for an awesome Spirit filled congregation check them out!
9/7/12 Strategic Prayer Alliance - Worship Event

Enjoyed some wonderful Worship! Thank you Candy Belt and Lori Rizzo for inviting us. Just wish there would have been more worship. :) You know Bobby and I :)
9/1/12 ARI/MIA Maturing in Messiah Conference

What an incredible time we had at the ARI (Alliance of Redeemed Israel)/MIA (Messianic Israel Alliance) "Maturing in Messiah" conference in Orlando, Florida this past Labor day weekend. We were so blessed!
9/28/12 Another wonderful Night of Worship

We had a wonderful time with our CFF Family in Bradenton. We always do! :) The worship was such a sweet aroma!
10/4 - 10/8/12 Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot 2012

It's so hard to express the blessings....Wow! The tears keep flowing, we were so blessed, and so loved by our God during Sukkot this year! Thank you Father for using us as vessels and for dwelling with us in our Sukkah! :) We also want to thank all the wonderful people we met who blessed us and encouraged us with their kind words and gifts, we are overwhelmed and grateful! May blessings fall over your households even more than you have blessed us! Love and prayers always! ♥♥♥

Our Fellowship's worship team, dancers and flaggers had a wonderful time worshiping the Lord at Highest Praise as we attended their Passover Seder.
4/28/12  Shabbat on the beach!

Our Shabbat group, Beit Y'shua Fellowship all met up at Hudson Beach to celebrate Shabbat. What a wonderful time and such beautiful weather! What a blessing!
6/2/12 A Shabbat Renewal of Wedding Vows - Beautiful!

What a beautiful day! Steve and Doris Gibbs renewed their Wedding Vows on their 28 year Anniversary. It was so beautiful and such a blessing to witness. We have been praying for Doris for some time and God is healing her completely! Amen!

9/15/12 Blessing the Land & Shabbat Celebration

What a wonderful day! Our Fellowship met at Gary and Terri's walked and prayed over their newly bought property, read and placed scriptures into the ground at the four corners of the property, sounded Shofars, Flew Flags and lifted the property up to the Lord for His use! Amen! We started Beth Moore's Daniel Bible studay chapter 6 and the Lord had some wonderful plans in the middle of it and we were obedient, it was powerful and such a blessing! The worship was so anointed and sweet! Thank you Father for your presence! We also celebrated Julie's birthday, it was a wonderful day!

10/6/12 - SUKKOT/SHABBAT - Fred Howard Park 

WOW!!!! WHAT AN AWESOME TIME IN THE LORD!!! A HUGE THANK YOU to Elizabeth Kilpin for capturing these beautiful pictures of our precious Fellowship's get together for Sukkot! Bobby and I were in Bradenton participating at another Sukkot Celebration. What a blessing to see what the Lord is doing in our group with the Flags! Halleluyah! We sure did miss our Beit Y'shua Family.
10/19-10/20/12 Christian Retreat's 
Feast Celebration

We had a wonderful time visiting dear friends at Christian Retreat Church's Feast Celebration. We were so blessed to worship together again and to think we will be together again the end of this week at the Get Ready Conference! We are so blessed and Highly Favored! Thank you Father for so many blessings and opportunities to worship YOU!  We greatly enjoyed the anointed worship of Sharon Wilbur!

10/3/12 Celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot

What a wonderful time we had celebration the third day of the Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot. Such a blessed time of Worship, Word, Fellowship and yummy food! :) We were blessed to meet Micha'el Ben David - what an awesome anointing the Lord has placed in this man's singing and music...and he can whistle like you wouldn't believe! I have videos, hopefully I will get them up soon. Many Blessings! Chag Samaech Sukkot!
10/25/12 - 10/28/12 "GET READY" 
Worship Conference 

​The pictures below are from the opening night of the "Get Ready" Conference held in Riverview, Florida - MAN YOUR STATIONS INTERCESSION BOOT CAMP facilitated by Gail Bush- Prayer for our Government/Nation, Sharon Hill - Prayer for our Families, Shaana Henton - Prayer for souls to be brought into the Kingdom of Heaven, and Tiyanna Williams - Prayer for Revival.

The pictures below are the pictures from Friday's Workshops. They were all outstanding and done in excellence! Armor of God - Priestly Garments Facilitated by Apostle Dr. Franca Fauntleroy, Latin Warfare Facilitated by Julissa Gonzalez and Lourdes A. Ortiz and Tambourines Facilitated by Tiyanna Williams.  Glory to God!

The pictures below are from Friday evening's Glory Service, It was an incredible time of worship! Definitely a work out when you worship at the Lighthouse Revival Center. Dr. Franca facilitated the word this night - "Giants Do Die" It was incredible and changed lives. Here is the link for the live stream video from this night The worship can be heard but unfortunately the sound is gone during the word.

The pictures below are of Saturday's Workshops and practices for the evening worship- African Warfare with Sharon Hill and Flags and More with Pastor Joe Brown Jr Awesome and done with excellence! Glory to God!

The pictures below are from the Saturday night Worship Concert. It was incredible! So much God given talent! So much Praise lifted to the Lord! Here is the link to the recorded live stream from the Lrc Church Enjoy!

The pictures below are from the Sunday morning closing service - Dancing like David did in the Tabernacle of David. There was some incredible worship and word!  Here is the link to the live stream from the church

11/2/12 Strategic Prayer Alliance
Night of Worship

Another night of wonderful worship! Thank you to Pastor David and Apostle Charmaine Cumberbatch for inviting us. We were blessed to be a blessing! Thank you Candy for leading the beautiful worship to the Father! Anointed as always!
11/3/12 Worship & Word with Mishkanim 
River's Edge Church​

What a nice time with dear friends. :) We were invited to enhance the worship with Mishkanim at River's Edge Community Church in Sarasota. As always we were blessed to meet new friends and enjoy freedom in worship. Thank you to Pastor Dave and his wife Charity for allowing freedom of worship to flow in your church. It was a great time of laughs, fellowship and food at Denny's after service. Thank you Father for blessing us with so much fun!
11/25/12 On the Road Ministry

What a wonderful day with the Lord. We started off in the morning at Bayshore United Methodist Church in Tampa, meeting up with our dear friend Carlos Perdomo and his family which was a blessing, a Good word from the Pastor there on Psalm 123 Persistance in Prayer, then we went to our Holy Fire Family's end of month Food Fellowship and that was a very nice time of Felllowship with our friends and prayer to close out, then off to Not2Late Church which is held each Sunday evening at 6pm at the Oasis Coffee Spot with our dear friend David Winstead, with great worship and a timely word - Shake it off and step up and out! What a wonderful time of Worship and word! Thank you Father for the blessing!​

12/21-22/12 Standing in the Light Worship Event

We had a wonderful time in Lake City with our dear friends Howie N Aline for the Standing in the Light Worship Week hosted by Steve and Shirley Rees and the Kol HaMashiach Congregation. The morning Worship session was awesome, it ended in silence with many on the floor on their faces before the Lord - NO WORDS BUT HOLY!