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Look what the Lord is doing! 
All Glory Honor and Praise to HIM!

1/12/13 - 1/13/13 A Wonderful Worship Weekend 

What a wonderful time we had this past weekend with our dear friends. We were blessed to have a weekend on the East Coast of Florida. We had some beautiful 80 degree weather and lots of sunshine! Got to go to the beach and Worship both nights. Thank you Father for such a wonderful blessing!

1/19/13 - 1/20/13 Rivers in the Desert Conference 

We had a wonderful time of Worship, Word and fellowship at the Rivers in the Desert Conference at Kol HaMashiach in Lake City, Florida -  Our dear friends Howie N Aline of Mishkanim - led worship and we entered into HIS presence. Brad Scott -, Bill Cloud -, David Rives -, Richard Rives
 - and Hollisa Alewine - were the guest speakers. What a blessing!

​4/7/13 Bobby and I Worshiping at Sims Park

It was such a beautiful day Sunday! We went out and Worshiped at Sims Park. :) We were blessed to be able to talk with a couple young ladies about our flags, how, why and where they are used. :) All the Glory to God!

​4/18/13 - 4/21/13 Save Our Children Conference

It was an Awesome time with the Lord in Fort Myers, Florida. Great workshops and beautiful worship!
9/21/13 Day 1 of the Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot

We celebrated the first day of Sukkot at Christian Retreat with Paul Wilbur leading the worship and we had wonderful time! It was great to see so many dear friends and so awesome to see and feel the shift in the atmosphere! Amen! It was an awesome time of worship! Thank you Father for your gift to us as we celebrate Your son!

9/22/13 Day 2 of the Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot

Celebrating Day 2 of the Feast at Christian Retreat. All I can say is WOW! There was release in the worship like I've never seen before! HALLELUYAH! People all over the building were moved to tears during the morning worship. They in the evening people were on the floor on their faces...We had joined in prayer for Freedom in the Worship, for people to step forward and worship like they've never worshiped before for face to the floor intense worship.....well, it happened and it happened to me for one! They started playing, "In Your Presence" which is one of Bobby's favorite songs, I love it too. I started dancing and got caught up with the thing I knew I was directed to the center stage, somewhere I am normally not at unless I'm ministering with my flags and my husband....Look what the Lord has done! I was so overcome my entire body was shaking! I enjoyed the most intimate dance with my Heavenly Father, I was so blessed. Came off the stage and went onto the floor....Oh how I didn't want to leave that place! I stayed shaking for at least an hour after that dance. Oh how I love HIS presence. That little glimpse, that little taste, how could anyone not long to be there. Headed home at around 11:30. I was excited to check out the DVD's they were selling of each day. Was so disappointed that all they recorded was the speaker, NO WORSHIP!!!! That is just so wrong in so many ways! I am so thankful right not that I recorded a lot of the worship. I will get the videos up asap. Got to finish up some laundry and then hitting the bed, we will be getting up shortly to head back out on the road to Kol HaMashiach Messianic Congregation...Can't wait!!!!!

9/23/13 Day 3 of the Feast of Tabernacles - Kol HaMashiach

What a wonderful and welcome we had at Kol HaMashiach Messianic Congregation in Lake City! We had a great time of worship with our friends Howie N Aline of and it was such a blessing to see Steven Rees and his wife Shirley and Theresa. We were able to spend three days with this sweet family, we left truly blessed. :)

9/24/13 Day 4 of the Feast of Tabernacles - Kol HaMashiach

Another great day with the Father as we were blessed by a teaching by Shirley Rees on Spiritual Electricity and then worshiped the night away with everyone presenting their gifts before the Lord at Kol HaMashiah. Wow! It was awesome. Bobby and I did two of our flag presentations.

9/25/13 Day 5 of the Feast of Tabernacles - Kol HaMashiach

Started the day off praying over those who needed prayer then the night was crazy fun! Lenny & Varda led the worship and were in rare form! They had us all laughing so hard it was great, my face will never be the same. :)

9/26/13 Day 6 of the Feast of Tabernacles - Lakewood Retreat

We met up with our Home Group and Living Waters Fellowship at Lakewood Retreat and had a nice time. A big thank you to Andy and Julie Zammetti for the blessing of Luxury Camping with them in their RV. :)

9/27/13 Day 7 of the Feast of Tabernacles - Christian Retreat

We returned to Christian Retreat to finish out the Feast and what a wonderful time we had. It was like a family reunion :) It was so good to see DrFranca FivefoldLeader and Sharon Hill, and Shaana Henton, and Gail Bush and Tom Busch, and Caryn Fenimore and Shekinah Morales and Lori Rizzo and the list goes on and on!!!!! Thank you all for the warm welcome back and all the wonderful hugs and smiles! We were so blessed! A big thank you to Mike and Candy Belt for opening their home to us once again, you two are such a blessing. We started the day out with Dr. Franca's class "Word of God Speak" it was awesome and both Bobby Bennie and I and everyone in attendance received a word from the Father. Can you say BLESSED! The evening worship was led by Howie and Aline of Mishkanim and then we had several extremely anointed worship presentations. We finished up the night laughing away and fellowshiping with a group of friends at Applebees! What a wonderful day! Thank you Father!!!!! ♥

9/28/13 Day 8 of the Feast of Tabernacles - Christian Retreat

What a wonderful time with friends again! The Father has blessed us so much during this week of the Feast. Ahhh to meet with HIM at HIS appointed times is such a blessing! It was so hard to say see you later to so many dear friends, old and new. Thank you Father for all that you have done this week. Can't wait for next year! :)

2013 FEAST OF TABERNACLES at Christian Retreat - Photos from FB

These are pictures I have nabbed from friends on Facebook from the Feast of Tabernacles that was held at Christian Retreat in Bradenton, Florida. It was a wonderful time with old and new friends. Some of these pictures are from Joyful Expressions Gallery and Pauline Collins Frazier and they are all absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing the memories! :) Thank you to those who captured some pictures of Bobby and I we normally don't get any of ourselves as we are always participating. :) We are Blessed!

5/3/13 Mason Clover & Elisha at Ruach Ministries

What an incredible and anointed night of Worship! We had a wonderful time of Worship with so many friends! It was like a family reunion. :) Thank you David Jones for inviting us to be a part of the Worship. We were blessed and I know that the Father had a smile on His face watching His children celebrate Him as we welcomed in the Shabbat! Anyone looking for an on Fire for the Father place to Worship and receive the Whole Word in the Brandon, Florida area check out Ruach Ministries International.

5/10-5/11/13 Jeanette Strauss teaching Conference

We had a wonderful time of ministry in Fort Myers this past weekend. We were invited to a Conference with Jeanette Strauss of Glorious Creations. So much good information and tons of kindness was poured on us. :) We were truly blessed!

5/17/13 NIGHT OF WORSHIP at FountainGate Church in Bradenton

Wow! no words but Holy! What a wonderful time of Worship, can't wait for the next one! :) Thank you for inviting us!​

5/19/13 Shavuot Celebration at Ruach Ministries

We had a wonderful time worshiping with our friends at Ruach Ministries in Brandon, Florida for Shavuot. Carlos Perdomo led worship and we enhanced the worship with our Flags. The Fellowship after sevice was awesome too. We stopped to visit our worship Buddy, Gail Bush before heading back home, got home by Midnight. Thank you Father for a blessed day!​

8/3/13 Shabbat at Spring Lake UMC in Brooksville

Another wonderful Shabbat Gathering. This one turned into a kids session. It was wonderful seeing flags and billows lifted in worship by the children. :) Good worship, good word, good food and fellowship! Blessed and Refreshed! ♥

8/7/13 - "Broken for Use - Women Built for Battle" Conference

It was a blessing to attend and minister with our Flags/Billows at the "Broken for Use - Women Built for Battle" Women's Conference in Tarpon Springs, Florida. They lifted some powerful worship up to the Lord! We had a wonderful time. I have videos, but can't upload them at this time, our external 1TB hard drive is full! It amazes me...that is all pictures and videos. Wow! Praying for provision for at least a 2 or 3TB next time. Have to figure out something soon with the ARI conference at the end of this month. Glory to God!​

​8/29/13 - A.R.I. - ARISE TO WORSHIP Conference 1 of 4

We had a wonderful time at the ARISE TO WORSHIP Conference help at the Rosen Plaze Hotel in Orlando, Florida Labor Day weekend. What a blessing it was to see so many of our friends and to worship the Father in such unity. We were truly blessed! After Daniel Calderon opened up in prayer we presented our new presentation to Paul Wilbur's new song "Glory Come Down" Next Will Spires led some anointed worship. It was a great beginning for the event. All the Glory to the Father!

8/30/13 - A.R.I. - ARISE TO WORSHIP Conference 2 of 4

On Friday morning we taught two Flag Worship Classes - "The Heart of Worship" We love to do this "hands-on" class and I think everyone that takes it enjoys it too. :) It was truly a blessing to have all the room that we did. We had some marketplace sales before closing up our table for the beginning of Shabbat. Lenny and Varda led the worship for the evening playing songs from their new CD Israel Arise. One was perfect for our new flag "Rejoice". It was a great day!

8/31/13 - A.R.I. - ARISE TO WORSHIP Conference 3 of 4

Once again we had another wonderful time of worship and a teaching on the Tabernacle. We joined in to help Daniel & Sylvia Calderon with a presentation of YHVH is Your Name sung by Howie & Aline of Mishkanim. it was beautiful! John Conrad followed the presentation with his teaching on the Tabernacle. Ruach Ministries Youth group presented the Song of Ezekiel by Paul Wilbur and it was POWERFUL! Bobby and I presented For Your Name is Holy by Paul Wilbur with help from Daniel and Sylvia Calderon. What a blessing!

9/1/13 - A.R.I. - ARISE TO WORSHIP Conference 4 of 4

We finished out the weekend with more anointed worship from many of the worship leaders and then had a fun evening participating in an interactive activity called Trackin the Tribes. There were tons of laughs and fun for everyone! What a blessing!

​9/7/13 Yom Teruah Celebration at Ruach Ministries

We were blessed to be able to celebrate Yom Teruah with our Ruach Family again this year. Thank you for having us and for always treating us like family, we so appreciate the freedom we are given to worship with our flags with this group of like minded believers! Thank you Father for so many blessings!

​9/21/13 Great start to our Sukkot

First stop....Beit Tehila for their opening day in their new Sanctuary. HALLELUYAH! What a blessing it was to celebrate what the Lord has done! Can't wait to see the pictures they took. They didn't allow anyone else to take pictures inside the Sanctuary. :( It was wonderful to see everyone. Blessings and freedom in worship to our Beit Tehila Family, Bobby and I look forward to worshiping with you soon. You know we have to try out our flags with your high ceilings! :)