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Always Learning! Thank you Lord we are listening

by Bobby or Julie Bennie on 04/29/12

Had a rough experience last night at the Celebrate Israel event...Something that we must address and immediately change after much prayer and now from receiving the outcome of not doing what should have been done...We have always been open to allowing people to use our flags at events, at most events we are designated as the "Flag Team" and we keep the Flag worship flowing in a Godly order. At some events we are just there to worship the Lord and to enhance the worship with our Flags. Many times we have friends that meet us there, whom are experienced flaggers/worshipers and we can trust them to be aware and have knowledge of what they are doing. Most people will ask before they use our Flags, they usually meet with us prior to the event, we are easy to find :) and we appreciate that and thank you. These people are also normally experienced flaggers/worshipers...well last night our flag area was mobbed and Seriously torn apart with people just running over and grabbing them, adults giving small children large silks, people knocking the flags down, throwing them back all over the place, showing no respect for our instruments of worship!  It was not a good experience and it kept me from being able to worship fully, which brought me almost to the point of tears because it seriously got out of hand! I'm being honest and real with you all.  When we are at events with our Flags, we are responsible for them, we are responsible for those who are flying them and the people around them. Churches are not always open to them as there have been bad experiences with them from people who are not paying attention to what they are doing or being inexperienced and out there flying them without training. Flags are a beautiful form of worship they are much more than just flying a Flag! Flags can also become a danger in large crowds if they are not used properly.  Many last night were out there endangering the safety and enjoyment of others and this can cause the Flags to be discontinued or not allowed at an event!  Last night was our first night in some time to be out to just worship, yet instead of being able to worship freely and enhance the worship with the flags, we spent our time chasing after people taking our flags without asking, picking our flags off the floor, grabbing people to stop them from hitting people with the flags because they weren't paying attention to what they were doing, taking flags away from small children who received them from adults, and trying to teach people in the middle of worship,  it was not good. We are truly thankful that the Flag Worship was not shut down during the event due to the chaos!  We are also thankful that we did have some opportunities to worship, especially with our "I AM" billow which was truly a blessing. Honestly teaching people in the middle of worship is NOT the time or place to do so. Please understand, we want everyone to enjoy the Flag Worship, We can be scheduled to do teachings and workshops, invite us to your church or take the time before you grab flags to be informed and trained on their significance and use. Please understand, we don't want this beautiful form of worship taken out of the church due to lack of knowledge.  From here on out, if we are at an event we will NOT be allowing our flags to be taken out freely unless we know the people and they are pre-approved as we value this ministry to the Lord too much to lose it.  All I know, is when God first put this ministry on my heart, I never just walked up and took other people's flags, I met with them afterwards and asked tons of questions, seeking knowledge on them. The first time I flagged was at a teaching workshop and God used me from there. On our way home last night Bobby and I discussed what happened, I was up until 4am loading pictures and just talking with the Lord, the chaos was still so upsetting to me. A dear friend from Ohio was up and prayed for me, that was so appreciated! Bobby and I don't want to ever have our flags untouchable, but we must also use wisdom in their use.  I was woke this morning by Bobby as I was dreaming and screaming out his name for help! This is something I have never done since we have been married! I was dreaming we were at worship and all the flags were being taken by people I didn't know and Bobby was out flagging across the room and I couldn't stop them as I was being held by my arms restrained up against the wall! I couldn't move, I couldn't worship! I was screaming and struggling to get away, I was screaming for Bobby to come help me! It's still so real in my mind even now. Hmmmm  Lord I only wish to be obedient to you, guide me! Prayers are greatly appreciated as we adjust and strive to walk in obedience to the Lord - this is HIS ministry!

Comments (2)

1. Worship Flag Store said on 6/11/12 - 02:35PM
I am so sorry for your bad experience. What ever has happened to good manners and the rules of etiquette? I love your heart to protect this beautiful form of worship. You were a watchman on duty on behalf of all of us called to Flag Ministry. God bless you!
2. Michelle said on 7/31/13 - 01:19AM
Thank you for your heart of worship. I am in agreement with you on honoring the Lord's worship instruments, they are holy to Him. I never had as many beautiful banners as you do, but what I do have is special to my heart. They are also precious to God. He gave you the vision and gift to create them. Therefore they should be respected. To honor our King. I have even anointed some of mine with oil. I don't know if it would help but perhaps if you plan on bringing several banners, perhaps you could create a sign on easel or even a special banner placed visibly that requests that the banners can be checked out or borrowed during worship at your discretion. But they have to do it at least 20 minutes before the service. The Lord will help you. (about your dream) The enemy can never stop you from worshipping with or without a flag! He wants nothing more than to cause a distraction in worship. Keep worshipping and stay hooked with Holy Spirit.

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