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Welcome to our Blog page! 

God is so good!

by Bobby or Julie Bennie on 04/26/12

Hello and Many Blessings to you all!  

It's been a long time since I've written in here, for one our website server updated and I actually didn't know where to go to enter a new blog!  I actually had to call them. Well, now I know and now I can give a quick update as I run from one project to another! :) We have been non-stop busy with ministry work the past two months! Praise God!  It has been an awesome time of worship to the Lord and we are loving every minute of it! We thank God for the opportunities He has placed before us and we continue to Move Forward in HIM!  Amen!  

In March we celebrated our 4 year Wedding Anniversary Praise God!  It is awesome to see how much God has done with Bobby and I over the last 4 years! We grow closer to HIM and each other daily. What a true blessing it is!  We have worshiped several times with Paul Wilbur and Greg Shumake, our two favorite worshipers! We were in Georgia again in March for the Moving Forward Phase II event and it was an awesome time of worship. We lead a processional to start the event off and Bobby gave a short teaching and a word from the Lord prior to our presentation - the videos are on our YouTube and Facebook page if you want to check them out.  We participated in our Annual Passover Celebration with our dear Shabbat Family, Beit Y'shua and the Lighthouse Christian Homes School group and WOW! It was the best year yet! The peace and unity was beautiful! It was held at the First United Methodist Church in Tarpon Spring for the first time and it was wonderful. It was such a blessing to work with the young and old and in between with a passion for worshiping the Lord with Flags! Videos are up for this also. We then ended up in Miami, Florida for the Invasion 003 Conference which was an awesome time of warfare and intercession for the Miami area!  WOW! the worship was intense! The conference was all Spanish, but there was no language barriers as we all worshiped together in Spirit and in truth!  It was wonderful to meet so many new friends in Christ. Now we are finally back home for our first week of being at home for a full work week and we have received a lot of orders for flags so I am crazy busy trying to get them all done in a timely manner.

On a personal note...I found out that I will be a Grandmother in late July! My son, Joshua and his wife Holly are expecting a daughter, Lilly Rae on July 29th! I am so excited and happy for them. I pray for the protection of the Lord and HIS provision to surround them in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen! 

We want to let all our family, friends, customers, and vendors know that we greatly appreciate each and every one of you. We thank God for bringing each and every one of you into our lives. We pray abundant blessings over you and yours and thank you all for your love, prayers and support for our ministry. Yes, God is so good!  

Lots of Love, Julie

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